Patient Testimonials


  • So I just had my gum graft yesterday. I’m a bit of a dental work wimp so I was a little nervous going into the procedure. The whole procedure for the gums above two teeth took a little over an hour. And that included the time it took for my mouth to get numb! My periodontist and her assistant, made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Their pain management regimen is thorough and easy to follow. And it works! I’ve had no pain at all, either during the procedure or after. (Bobbi E. )

  • I wanted to go to the best to be sure it would be done right the first time (my brother had his gums grafted elsewhere and regrafted 3x, because it didn’t take the first two times, and I didn’t want to have an experience like his).

  • I got fantastic results. The before and after photos showed dramatic improvement and that the procedure worked. Phew. This is a great place to go if you need an excellent periodontist. Wow, this was a great recommendation my dentist made for me! (Jennifer L.)

  • Calm, confident, and compassionate, my periodontist and her team make something no one wants to do into something you’re really glad you did.  They’ve created a positive, team-oriented environment where patients come first.  Thanks to my periodontist and her team for taking good care of me! (Rick R. )

  • I was referred to a periodontist by my dentist.  Apparently, my gum recession needed periodontal intervention, and you can only imagine how scared I was.  My periodontist and her staff were professional and caring from the very beginning, and took excellent care of me.  They frequently checked in on my anxiety (high) and pain (low).  The procedure itself of the gum grafting was surprisingly unpainful, and they did a great job preparing me for what to expect and how to take care of my gums. (H.A.)