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We’re here to help you build the future you want for yourself, your family and your practice by preparing you with the tools you need. Any questions you have, your financial advisor Chris Nunn is here to serve you.

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Graphic:what if you were disabled tomorrow, is your practice prepared?

If you become too sick or injured to work for an extended period of time, would your practice be prepared or would the doors close? Disability income insurance can help you protect 45 percent to 65 percent of your income which means keeping your practice doors open. If it’s worth losing, it’s worth insuring.

Why not prepare for the unexpected?

No one wants to think of the worst and that’s why we’re here to handle it for you and your practice. A life insurance policy can help protect your loved ones in the worst times. There are two main types of life insurance:

Term is for a specific period of time; permanent life insurance provides a death benefit that can last a lifetime. Even more, some of our permanent policies offer the opportunity to build cash value. Let’s get started today.

Retire your practice with confidence.

Whether you’re just starting to save for retirement, or close to giving that highly anticipated retirement resignation, it’s important that you have the financial independence you want when you need it. Annuities, IRAs, and insurance protection products may be able to help you retire comfortably and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Check where you’re at:

Tier I
Years 1-5
Tier II
Years 5-15
Tier III
Years 15-25
Tier IV
Years 20-30

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